Gabrielle Johnson

Life and Intimacy Coach, Gabrielle Johnson has spent the past 10 years mastering the navigation of internal worlds. As a life-long teacher and student, she strives to accept, understand and aid the healing of the human conditions that can cause suffering and inhibit joy. These are the internal voices we have each heard speak in different ways. Some voices are more louder than others and say, “I’m unlovable,” “I’m not enough” and “I’m unworthy.” 


Through the process of recycling her own pain into fuel that uplifts and moves her forward she has gained the ability to guide others, and to help others reveal their innate power to transform.


Her learn to access the inherent tools within through living a life of joy, belonging, self-expression, healthy boundary setting, empowerment, integrity and self-actualization. 


She leverages a combination of tools and shamanic processes tailored to individual needs, intentions and goals. Each individual's exploration will look different as each individual is different. With that being said, the process includes the following ingredients:


Investigating + Processing + Shedding + Healing + Integrating= HIGHER SELF


#tantra #energywork #lifecoach #intimacycoach

  • Life, Shadow & Intimacy Coach

  • Sexuality, Consent & Social Justice Educator

  • Practitioner of Tantric Energy Work

  • Space Holder

  • Men's Group Facilitator

  • Modern Medicine Woman

  • Conscious Workshop Facilitator

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